Happy Holidays! A special hello to Club fans in China!

This year has been very busy for me, but I do plan to post more in the new year 2015. Keep watching and happy blogging! JD
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Old? Who? Me?

Pearl of the Urals

Hidden Meadow Ranch Fishing Pole

I so enjoyed reading this blog and love the title. The author passed in September 2011 and was a gorgeous 85-year old lady whose blog reminded me of the joy of the world, the joys of life. The last post came from her grandson in October, beautifully written, about her. 

Images via Flickr: Lake by man@Che; Fishing rod by Deborah Dimond; Creative Commons License


Loving Living Small

Peggy's Zen living room makeover, Seattle, Washington, USA

This blog centers on design/decoration of small living spaces; I'm not sure how old it is, but I love it. I live in a relatively compact condo, which does not have a lot of storage space. And I'm getting some great ideas from this blog. Take a peek.

Image by Wonderlane, via Flickr; Creative Commons License