Happy Holidays! A special hello to Club fans in China!

This year has been very busy for me, but I do plan to post more in the new year 2015. Keep watching and happy blogging! JD
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Grilled Cheese Social

Blackboard bacon grilled cheese sandwich at Cochon Butcher

Again, another title just drew me in. I love grilled cheese sandwiches, so... This blog has lovely photos of lovely food. It looks like I'm partial to the food blogs. I can't help it! Check this one out.

Too, be sure to take a peek at these videos. You will want to devour one of these grilled temptations right away, so good!

Creative Commons License; Image by Emily Cavalier, via Flickr

Design Fetish

Snow City Café again
Is this breakfast or maybe a pillow?

This "design inspiration" blog (brand design, etc.) is very unique, fun to read and view. Love the pancake pillows. But they make me yearn for bacon and eggs! Anyway, check it out.

And take a look at this video clip of top brands/logos. I take them for granted 'cause we see them everyday, on television, at the mall, just about wherever we go. Some are more memorable than others. We're surrounded by a world of brands!

Image by WordRidden, via Flickr; Creative Commons License


Mr. Mister

Modern barong tagalog


Here's a great style blog of "men's accessories and lifestyle goods." I really love the excellent photos of celebrities and other noted men, stylishly dressed. Check it out.

Too, take a peek at this video clip of men's fall fashions. I love to see men in suits and jackets.

Images via Flickr: Man by Noemi Manalang; Watch by bibols19. Creative Commons License.


Bread + Butter

Mmm...sourdough and butter by jeffreyw, on Flickr

This is a delicious little food blog. I can almost smell the bread. Yum! Check out this site.


Advanced Style

Image by flickr4jazz via Flickr

I just discovered this delightful blog. It's been around awhile, at least since 2008. It revels in the fierce fashion and style of the older generation. And it's about time someone in the fashion world did. It's a site that my mother would certainly enjoy. And as a "young" senior, I have become a big fan of it myself. It's an absolute feast for the eyes! Take a look.

And check out this video. Young people are not the only ones with fashion sense. Go seniors!


The Chubby Vegetarian

Image by Girl Interrupted Eating - on Flickr

When I saw the title of this blog, I just had to include it. Check it out. It's a food blog, with great photos, recipes, and food stories. What do you think?

Image by Girl Interrupted Eating, via FlickrCreative Commons License